About the Company

Infalcon is a software development company that specializes in latest application development, Infalcon was founded by developers to bring their software engineering expertise to the current industry. We treat every project as a software engineering exercise, using the latest development methodologies to bring in projects on time and on budget.

    Infalcon's core capabilities are:

  • Designing innovative, intuitive and effective mobile applications for any mobile platform
  • Expert in Service Oriented Architecture
  • Converting legacy database into new Database with infalcon Intelligence system
  • Expert on creating a Advance Database Architecture
  • Software engineering technical excellence
  • a deep understanding of mobile software business strategy
  • SEO

    Infalcon is a company with strong values:

  • We aim to create products that innovate, add value and push the boundaries of what has been done before
  • We are an ethical business that strives to be moral and environmentally sustainable in our practices
  • We are an organization that delivers on its promises in a professional and efficient manner.


Infalcon Services Private Limited
Ground Floor, Maharajgunj
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-9841601214
Email: support@infalcon.com


We gonna impress you with the rapid understanding of your needs, suggestions for improvement, and support at every stage from concept to delivery and back-up support. Here are some of our works :